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McIntosh Service & Restoration Facility
Audiosonic Service

Absolute Sound Laboratories is one of three McIntosh-Factory authorized service stations in the world, and we specialize in shipping services to and from our location in Savage, MN. In addition to newer pieces of equipment, we also service older/vintage units that McIntosh?s Binghamton repair center (the factory) no longer work on.

  Please download and fill out our McIntosh shipping form and include this form with your McIntosh equipment.

Ship-In Service Request Form - McIntosh

  We also accept many pieces of non-McIntosh equipment through Audiosonic Service. A general list of equipment that we service through Audiosonic service can be found here.
Please contact us first regarding any specific equipment not found in this general list.

  Please download and fill out our Audiosonic shipping form and include this form with your non-McIntosh equipment.