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        Specializing in Repair and Restoration of Vintage Audio Equipment

            Audiosonic Service:
            Vintage Restoration Services


            4345 West 127th Street
            Savage, Minnesota 55378

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In addition to servicing McIntosh equipment, we also service and repair many other high-quality audio components through Audiosonic Service, our in-house company division for non-McIntosh equipment. Just like our McIntosh services, we have the necessary technical information, parts and required test equipment to restore other pieces of equipment to like-new condition. We would be more than happy to evaluate other brands of equipment, although we do limit some service pieces due to their extreme difficulty to work on requiring extended labor periods, as well as units needing replacement parts that are no longer available. Please look below to see if your equipment is supported by Audiosonic Service. Please feel free to call us at (952) 894-5580 if your equipment is supported.

McIntosh Service & Restoration Facility
Audiosonic Service

          Product Lines supported:

           KLH (Cambridge, No Speakers)

           H.H. Scott (Maynard)

           Fisher (Long Island)

           Dyna/Dynaco (No 400 Series Power Amps)

           SAE (Los Angeles - No Large Power Amps)

           GAS (No Ampzilla)

           Kenwood (Basic Line - No KT-917 or Large Power Amps)



           Harman-Kardon (Woodside)

           Pioneer (No Power Amps)

           Sumo (Charlie, Audio Peripherals, No Power Amps)


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