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The McIntosh Factory's Service Department in Binghamton, NY, recently announced they are no longer accepting service inquiries for many pieces of vintage McIntosh equipment. McIntosh models included in this list include:
Preamplifiers: C2, C4, C8, C11, C20, C22, C24, C26, C32
Power Amplifiers: 20W2, 50W2, MC30, MC40, MC50, MC60, MC75, MC100, MC225, MC240, MC250, MC260, MC275, MC350, & MC3500
Tuners and Preamplifiers: MR55, MR55A, MR65B, MR67, MR68, MR71, MR73, MR74, MR80, MX110 (all series), MX112, MX113, MX114, & MX115.
Receivers: MAC1500, MAC1700, MAC1900, & MAC4100
Integrated Amplifiers: MA230, MA5100, MA6100, MA6200, MA7120
Other: MI-2, MI-3, MPI3, and MPI4, MQ101, MQ102

Absolute Sound Laboratories is pleased to continue full service options for these fine pieces of McIntosh gear, including repair and restoration services, as well as providing and installing factory-mandated updates and all other applicable repairs to keep your vintage gear running properly and sounding great. Email us or give us a call to discuss what you have and what you are looking to have repaired. If you receive our voicemail during normal business hours we are with another client, so please leave a message on our voicemail by selecting voicemail option #4. We will return your call as soon as we can.

Absolute Sound Labs has been an authorized McIntosh Service facility since 1969. We service both in-warranty and out-of-warranty McIntosh products. Recently, McIntosh has limited their own in-house factory servicing of older tube and early solid-state equipment. Absolute Sound Labs was selected as one of a very limited number of McIntosh Service Clinics to handle these issues. Absolute Sound Labs is proud to be so highly regarded by the McIntosh company. We have the necessary technical information, parts and required test equipment to restore your McIntosh equipment to like-new condition. We would be more than happy to evaluate your McIntosh equipment.

In addition to servicing McIntosh equipment, we also service and repair many other high-quality audio components through Audiosonic Service, our in-house company division for non-McIntosh equipment. Just like our McIntosh services, we have the necessary technical information, parts and required test equipment to restore other pieces of equipment to like-new condition. We would be more than happy to evaluate select other brands of stereo equipment, although we do limit some service pieces due to their extreme difficulty to work on requiring extended labor periods, as well as units needing replacement parts that are no longer available. Please check here for a general list of brand names supported by Audiosonic Service. Please contact us first regarding any specific equipment not found in this general list.

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