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Absolute Sound Labs is a Silver Full Line McIntosh Service Center
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Insanely great vintage & classic audio gear repairs /restorations!
Absolute Sound Labs has been an authorized McIntosh Service facility since 1969. We service both in-warranty and out-of-warranty McIntosh products. Recently, McIntosh has limited their own in-house factory servicing of older tube and early solid state equipment. Absolute Sound Labs was selected as one of a very limited number of McIntosh Service Clinics to handle these issues. Absolute Sound Labs is proud to be so highly regarded by the McIntosh company. We have the necessary technical information, parts and required test equipment to restore your McIntosh equipment to like-new condition. We would be more than happy to evaluate your McIntosh equipment. Contact us for further information.

Welcome to Absolute Sound Laboratories.

My name is Mark Wilson. I am the owner and sole proprietor of Absolute Sound Labs. I have been involved in the audio industry since 1964. As an audio professional, my career has been interesting. During the 1970s, I was the National Service Manager for KLH. The electronics industry is nothing if not an ever-changing and morphing business. Change happened to KLH and so did my career.

During portions of the 1980s and 90s, I owned and operated a large-scale consumer electronics repair business with 50 full-time technicians and additional support staff. In those days, we put approximately 5000 units per month across our work benches doing work for a huge variety of well-known companies.

Businesses often change directions suddenly in attempting to keep up with sometimes rapidly changing market conditions. This happened to us during a time when I was becoming increasingly frustrated with city, state and federal governments constantly telling small business people what they can and can not do. So along came a day that brought with it some sudden and big changes with one our very biggest accounts. it seemed like the perfect time to drastically downsize our business to something much smaller, and so we did.

Life can be good with smaller buildings and smaller payroll to meet. We were basically running a smooth course for awhile... till "it" came along. Not long after the turn of the new century, life changed again. This time it was an unexpected major heart surgery that kept me out of my shop for about half a year. Things pretty much really changed during my extended absence so I found myself down-sized again, but this time without planning for it. Did I mention that change happens? So we deal with it and move on. In moving on, we gradually got back in the saddle again and resumed a career as a professional audio tech specializing in vintage and classic audio gear restorations.

 A lot of repair shops talk about various levels of service. Some will give clients a choice to barely fix a unit, or fix it better, or really fix it... and each level costing progressively more money. I understand that some folks want to just fix the exact thing that is wrong and to not do the other things that should be done. To some, making it work again is enough. But as for me, I find it nearly impossible to do just enough to make it work. I want to "really fix" equipment when I'm working on it. That means doing it exactly as I would do it for myself if I was planning to keep the unit and wanted maximum performance, maximum reliability and maximum appearance value. This is the same level of service that our clients receive every time. I'm not satisfied till the equipment is restored to it's original operating specifications or better. Other pages on our site will explain our service more fully.

Thanks for visiting our site..... Mark



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